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Introducing Low Variables 2.0

1 January 2012 1 comment

Happy New Year! Here’s to another year of ExpressionEngine goodness. And let me start by introducing Low Variables 2.0, the biggest update my first commercial add-on has seen so far. Here are a couple of new features that come with it.

Saving variables as files

You can now choose to save variables as files. The files will be synced to the database, so you can edit the value of any variable in your favorite code editor. You can also set the settings for saving variables as files in your config.php file, making it easier for multiple environments.

Low Variables Fieldtype

That’s right, Low Variables 2.0 comes with a fieldtype. If you add a Low Variables field to your channel, you can choose from which variables group(s) you want to show variables, and if you can select more than one. Adding global variables to your channel entries opens up a whole new layer of flexibility. Check out the docs for examples.

Table variable type

Matrix compatibility has been requested often. While we wait for Pixel & Tonic to work their magic, you could now use the Table variable type for creating tables of data. Just define your column names and you’re good to go. It’s meant to be light-weight and simple, but can already be very powerful. As always, read the docs for more details.

All these new features are for ExpressionEngine 2.2.0 and up only. The EE1 compatible version of Low Variables has been feature frozen. It will still be available with the download, but all new fancy stuff will only be added to the EE2 version from now on. Take a look at the changelog for more new cool features added to Low Variables 2.0.

Price tag

Low Variables 2.0 also comes with a slight increase in price. This is because of the amount of work put into it, as well as the current Euro to Dollar rates. I kept track of the average exchange rates ever since I started selling my add-ons on Devot:ee. Using that average rate, and the new price of 35 euros, the price at Devot:ee now is 47 US dollars. This also means that the price of Low Search will go down on Devot:ee from 50 to 47 US dollars, since that add-on also is 35 euros. The update to Low Variables 2.0 itself is free for existing license owners.


  1. Florian 2 January 2012 at 16:25

    Sounds awesome, eager to try it!

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