The future of Low GoogleSearch

21 November 2017 No comments

With EE4 coming soonish, I’ve been working hard to get all my add-ons up to speed with the structural changes that it brings. All my premium add-ons are ready to roll, and Low GoogleSearch even runs on EE4 without any changes whatsoever. Speaking of LGS…


Ajax Calendar with Low Events

22 November 2016 No comments

As a general rule, I try to keep my add-ons front-end agnostic. That is to say, you should be able to use any HTML, CSS or JavaScript of your choice; I will never force you to use specific markup or a JavaScript library in order to use a Low add-on.


Plans for ExpressionEngine 3

10 September 2015 4 comments

As you may have noticed, EllisLab have announced that ExpressionEngine 3.0 is in Public Beta.  This means I am working on getting my add-ons ready for the new release. Here are my plans.


Introducing Low Search 4

17 February 2015 No comments

Since developing Low Search, there has been one crucial piece of functionality absent. Deliberately, because this particular feature has always been a tough nut to crack, especially without the unlimited resources of, say, Google. However, today’s new release, codename The Nutcracker, does just that.


Conditional conundrums

16 July 2014 4 comments

As I mentioned earlier, ExpressionEngine 2.9 comes with changes in its conditional parser. While these changes are a Good Deal for EE, it does come with a couple of gotchas. Here is one that directly affects one of my add-ons.


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