All Low add-ons are now owned by EEHarbor. Read the blog post.


EEHarbor now owns all Low add-ons

12 January 2021 No comments

For years, ever since version 1.0, I’ve been extending ExpressionEngine with plugins, modules and extensions. First privately, then publicly and commercially. I’ve grown quite a business around it and being an ExpressionEngine add-on developer has brought me lots of travel opportunities, fun and even friends. Now, with my add-on ventures set to simmer, it’s time for a change on the menu.


GetSatisfaction No More

9 July 2020 No comments

After happily using their service for over 10 years, GetSatisfaction has decided to pull the plug.


Dynamic dropdowns

22 March 2018 No comments

Ever had to create a form that contained two dropdowns that were dependent on each other? For example, select a brand first, then a model of that brand. The second <select> element should then only contain options that are relevant to first selection. There are numerous ways of doing this, but here’s my preferred method.


The future of Low GoogleSearch

21 November 2017 No comments

With EE4 coming soonish, I’ve been working hard to get all my add-ons up to speed with the structural changes that it brings. All my premium add-ons are ready to roll, and Low GoogleSearch even runs on EE4 without any changes whatsoever. Speaking of LGS…


Ajax Calendar with Low Events

22 November 2016 No comments

As a general rule, I try to keep my add-ons front-end agnostic. That is to say, you should be able to use any HTML, CSS or JavaScript of your choice; I will never force you to use specific markup or a JavaScript library in order to use a Low add-on.


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