All Low add-ons are now owned by EEHarbor. Read the blog post.


EEHarbor now owns all Low add-ons

12 January 2021 No comments

For years, ever since version 1.0, I’ve been extending ExpressionEngine with plugins, modules and extensions. First privately, then publicly and commercially. I’ve grown quite a business around it and being an ExpressionEngine add-on developer has brought me lots of travel opportunities, fun and even friends. Now, with my add-on ventures set to simmer, it’s time for a change on the menu.

As of today, EEHarbor is the owner of all Low add-ons. Tom and his team will be developing them further and perhaps even merging some of them into the EE core. I haven’t been doing a lot of EE work lately, focusing more on both front-end and custom web app development using tools like Laravel and Vue.js, so it only seemed logical to leave my earlier work in the most capable hands, the company that now owns ExpressionEngine.

For now, this website and the docs it contains will remain as is, until EEHarbor has migrated the documentation and I finish up what will become this site’s replacement. A big thanks to all of you who supported me throughout what have been big part of my career as a web developer.

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