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Introducing Low Search 2.0

12 April 2012 No comments

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to build a better alternative for the native Search and Replace utility in ExpressionEngine. First, I thought I’d make it a separate add-on, but later I decided to incorporate it into Low Search. Searching and replacing often go hand in hand, so why not in this case? So here we are: Low Search 2.0, which features a Find & Replace utility and more.

Find & Replace

With the new Find & Replace utility, you can replace text in your entries with great precision. You can select in which channels, fields and categories to look, it will present you with a preview before performing the replace action, and it records all Find & Replace actions in a log, with links to each affected entry. And because it’s part of Low Search, all search indexes are always kept up to date.

New tags: Popular and URL

The new {exp:low_search:popular} tag allows you to generate a list of popular search terms based on the search log. The {exp:low_search:url} tag brings a new level of flexibility to searching the site: searches are no longer limited to a POST request, but you can create links to any search you define.

Rebuild trigger

You can now trigger the rebuild of a search collection or entries by calling a secret URL. This URL can be found on the module home page. Useful for cron jobs or scripts that manipulate channel entries outside of the control panel.


Want to give some members access to the search log, but not to the collections? Want to give other members access to the Find & Replace utility only? Well, you can. Low Search 2.0 allows you to manage access to the different sections of the module, so your settings and data stay safe.

Check out the changelog for a full overview of new features.

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