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Introducing Low Search 4

17 February 2015 No comments

Since developing Low Search, there has been one crucial piece of functionality absent. Deliberately, because this particular feature has always been a tough nut to crack, especially without the unlimited resources of, say, Google. However, today’s new release, codename The Nutcracker, does just that.

Fuzzy searching

Version 4 of Low Search brings you fuzzy keyword searching, consisting of singular/plural matching as well as stem matching. So, when enabled, searching for lions will also match lion, while searching for sleeping will also match sleepy.

This, of course, is language related. English is supported out of the box, but Low Search can also support any other language. Just find yourself some inflection rules and a stemmer for your language of choice, and you’re good to go. For example, here’s some Dutch rules and a Dutch stemmer that will do the job nicely.


Low Search 4 also brings you search suggestions. These are keyword suggestions based on the words present in your site, which are stored in the Lexicon. Again, the words are stored per language, as defined in your collection details, making sure the search suggestions given are in the right tongue.

And much more

There are a lot more goodies tucked away in this release, so go ahead and check out the changelog for the complete lowdown.

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