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Low GoogleSearch

This is an ex-addon.

  • This add-on has been discontinued, joined the choir invisible and therefore is no longer available..
Compatibility: EE2, EE3, EE4
Latest release: 2.0.0 (released 2016-01-29)
Licensing: Commercial License Agreement

Compatibility & Requirements

Low GoogleSearch requires EE 2.1+ and PHP5 with either allow_url_fopen enabled or the cURL library installed. You will also need either a Google Mini (GM), a Google Search Appliance (GSA) or a hosted (and paid) Google Site Search (GSS). The free Custom Search service from Google is not supported, since that will not return any raw XML to work with.

This add-on is now a legacy product, because Google are retiring the search solutions and services that Low GoogleSearch uses.


  • Download and unzip Low GoogleSearch.
  • Copy the third_party/low_googlesearch folder to your /system/expressionengine/third_party directory.
  • In your Control Panel, go to Add-ons › Modules and enable the Low GoogleSearch module.
  • All set!


To upgrade Low GoogleSearch from a previous version, download and overwrite the files as per the installation instructions. Then go to Add-Ons → Modules and click the Run Module Updates link.