The GeeUp Conference

4 February 2014 No comments

As a one man shop, I spend a lot of time working alone. Most of the time, really. And most of the time, I love it. I love that I have a choice in when and where I work, and what I work on. But sometimes, not having colleagues or likeminded people around really is something I miss. That is why I also love going to conferences.

You see, conferences are not just an opportunity to learn and get inspired by the speakers. You also get to talk to people who are “in the business” like you, which can be just as informative and inspirational. Whether it be discussing difficult templating issues or ranting about annoying clients, conferences make you feel like you belong.

Last year, I spoke at three conferences: EEUK, Peers, and the official ExpressionEngine conference. Four, if you also count the online Engine summit. Peers is back again this year, and so will EEconf. However, there was no ExpressionEngine focussed conference here in Europe in 2014. That, of course, would not do, so I decided to organise my own:

The GeeUp conference, June 19-20, 2014.

GeeUp is an ExpressionEngine conference in my home town: Leiden. The birthplace of the first EECI conference in 2009. I’ve even secured the original venue of that year: stunning Scheltema. There, seven talented speakers will be imparting their wisdom regarding development, code, and running a business. You can also attend one of two workshops: one for people who are just starting out with EE, taught by Carl “Hippo” Crawley, and one for developers who want to dive into the world of add-on development, given by yours truly. Tickets are already on sale.

Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to mingle with attendees so you can share ideas and stories. It’s my first time organising an event like this, but with the right people, I’m sure it will be a success. I would love you to come, too.

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