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Introducing Low Reorder 2.0

1 May 2012 No comments

Back in the day, Elwin Zuiderveld brought you Reeorder for EE1. A simple yet effective little add-on that quickly became popular. When I took over Elwin’s add-ons, I took the same approach, polished it a bit, and released it as Low Reorder for EE2. It made use of a custom field type to store the order of a given entry in a field/channel combination. Pro: simple to use. Con: limited flexibility. Today, I bring you Low Reorder 2.0. It steps away from the custom field approach and introduces Sets, keeping it simple and adding more flexibility.

Multiple channels

Per Low Reorder Set, you can define filters. This means you’re no longer limited to a single channel, but you can sort entries across multiple channels, too.

Multiple categories

In Low Reorder 1, it was already possible to order entries per single category. However, this meant you could only add an entry to a single category, or else the sorting wouldn’t work properly. Low Reorder 2 removes this limitation.

Hooks galore

In order to let you have more control over the add-on, three extension hooks were added to Low Reorder 2. For example, the low_reorder_show_entries hook will allow you to customize the output of the sortable entries list, allowing you to show additional info to the user sorting the entries. Very useful if the default Title doesn’t cut it.

View the changelog for the full scope of the upgrade. Low Reorder 2.0 is available now for €20 (27 USD on Devot:ee). The upgrade is free for existing license holders.

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