Gee Up: ExpressionEngine training in Europe

18 April 2012 1 comment

Apart from building add-ons, I’ve also done my fair share of teaching, lately. That included some impromptu ExpressionEngine training sessions, code audits and a whole series of front-end workshops. It’s a nice change from sitting at my desk all day, so when Jamie Pittock approached me about organizing ExpressionEngine workshops together, I did not hesitate. A while later, Gee Up was born.

Partnership with Train-ee

Thus far, ExpressionEngine classroom training was limited to the US. Mike Boyink’s excellent Train-ee has provided people across the Atlantic with tons of valuable EE knowledge. His experience in this field is obvious, so it only seemed logical that Jamie and I approached him about some sort of alliance. Mike kindly agreed to point us in the right direction by giving us sound advice and providing us with his curriculum, which we are using as a base to create our own. We hope it will prove to be as successful here as it is overseas.

The workshops

We’re starting off with a beginners to intermediate class, for anyone who’s interested in ExpressionEngine but never had the chance to really dive into it. In four days, Jamie and I will try to share as much knowledge as we can about all the aspects that come with building a site with EE. Not just from a technical point of view, but also organizational as well as usability and maintainability. There will be lots of informal chat, in depth discussions, hands-on exercises and maybe even a show-and-tell by a guest developer. All of this should give the student enough know-how to build ExpressionEngine sites with confidence.

Future plans

The first class will be taking place in Manchester, UK. We’re also planning on doing the same thing in mainland Europe, most likely the Netherlands. If there’s enough demand after that, we’ll look into expanding our reach further across Europe. Advanced classes—like add-on development—are also on our todo list, but will have to wait until we’ve given the beginners class a go first.

Want to know more about Gee Up and ExpressionEngine workshops? Check out, follow us on Twitter or let us know if you’re interested in Gee Up classes.


  1. Boyink 18 April 2012 at 13:19

    Since I started Train-ee I’ve had requests for EE training in the UK - I’m glad to have you guys available now to fulfill those requests.

    Good luck with it - I hope you book the room out!

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