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Plans for ExpressionEngine 3

10 September 2015 4 comments

As you may have noticed, EllisLab have announced that ExpressionEngine 3.0 is in Public Beta.  This means I am working on getting my add-ons ready for the new release. Here are my plans.

All premium add-ons will be ported to EE3. I will still continue to develop and support all my premium add-ons. The upgrade to their new versions will be free of charge. However, when they are ported, the EE2-compatible versions of the add-on will be feature-frozen and will only receive bug and security fixes when needed.

Most free add-ons will be ported to EE3, starting with the most popular freebies like Low Seg2Cat and Low Replace. Others will be ported as well, but have a lower priority. Some lesser used add-ons may only be ported if there is a direct need. And as with the premium add-ons, EE2-compatible versions will be feature-frozen.

In true EllisLab fashion, I cannot share when which add-on will be EE3-ready. When they are, both the EE2 and EE3 versions will be included in the download package, and the compatibility will show on the add-on detail page.


  1. Jeremy 10 September 2015 at 19:21

    Thanks for the update! We appreciate all the add-on devs who are taking the time to let us know which and if, add-ons will be updated for EE3.

  2. Damien 11 September 2015 at 01:50

    Great to hear Low. Appreciate the free upgrade on commercial add ons - very difficult to explain paid upgrades to clients when they’ve paid already. Ultimately I think it pays off for you as you go on the ‘reliable developer’ list and I keep buying / specifying your stuff. Well done mate

  3. Loughlin 4 November 2015 at 22:15

    Thanks Low, that’s really great of you to port over the free add-ons as well as the free-of-charge upgrades for commercial offerings.

  4. Paul Cripps 22 December 2015 at 23:17

    Great to hear you’re working on these and free!

    I hate to ask but any thought on timings for Low Search? Just planning ahead for a few projects.

    Have a great christmas :)

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