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Low Title

Compatibility: EE1, EE2, EE3
Latest release: 3.0.0 (released 2015-11-06)
Licensing: CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

We’re all lazy, right? You don’t want to type all these channel:entries parameters each time you just want to output the title of a given entry, do you? That’s what I thought. Not to worry. Low Title will get you your title with a minimum of effort. But why stop there? It’ll also give you a category name, channel name or site name, just as easily. No need for four years in college for this one.

What the community thinks of Low Title

I can't think of a single project where I haven't used Low Title in the past three years. Simple and flawless, it gives me the data I need, where I need it, with very low overhead (no pun intended).

Derek Hogue, Amphibian

What an incredibly useful add-on!

Nick Benson

It won't cost you anything, and it will make your title tags smile.

Sean Smith, Caffeine Creations