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Low NoSpam

This is an ex-addon.

  • This add-on has been discontinued, joined the choir invisible and therefore is no longer available.
Compatibility: EE1, EE2
Latest release: 3.0.0 (released 2014-03-17)
Licensing: CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Version Release date Updates
3.0.0 2014-03-17
  • Added Low NoSpam API
  • Removed all third party support
  • Removed Zero Tolerance setting
  • Removed deprecated TypePad AntiSpam setting
  • Improved compatibility with EE 2.8+
2.2.3 2012-05-21
  • Added support for Zoo Visitor
  • Fixed a bug where the user message would be cryptic when catching spam from Solspace User or Freeform
2.2.2 2012-04-25
  • Added support for Solspace User and Freeform modules
2.2.1 2011-02-21
  • Fixed a bug where a JS error could appear at the extension page
  • Fixed a bug where the forum and wiki settings were not showing
2.2.0 2010-10-24
  • ExpressionEngine 2.1.1 compatible
  • Removed module from add-on package
  • Moved comment moderation options to native Comment module
  • Added Zero Tolerance setting
  • Customized extension settings page to account for Pending and Closed comments
  • Modified accessory to account for Pending and Closed comments
2.1.2 2010-08-18
  • Added pagination
  • Fixed a bug in the language file
2.1.1 2010-07-12
  • Added check for member registration
2.1.0 2010-04-28
  • Added simple accessory
  • Modified feed link for NSM Addon Updater support
  • Fixed a bug where forum and wiki settings could produce an error
  • Fixed a bug where the forum settings would not show
2.0.0 2010-01-26
  • ExpressionEngine 2.0.1+ compatible
  • Added option to discard caught comments immediately
  • Added support for NSM Addon Updater
  • Marking comments as spam/ham now uses Ajax
1.0.5 2010-07-12
  • Added check for member registration
1.0.4 2009-04-17
  • Changed check members setting from yes/no to selection of member groups: explicitly select which member groups to check.
1.0.3 2009-03-14
  • Fixed a bug where comments weren’t marked as spam and deleted in the Control Panel (introduced in v1.0.2).
  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade message wasn’t shown.
1.0.2 2009-03-12
  • Fixed a bug where weblog comments weren’t opened correctly.
  • Increased compatibility with php4.
1.0.1 2009-03-06
  • Fixed a bug in extension where the gallery_id and entry_id weren’t set correctly if a closed gallery comment was added to the database.
1.0.0 2009-03-01
  • First release