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Low List

Compatibility: EE2, EE3, EE4, EE5
Latest release: 1.0.0 (released 2015-11-04)
Licensing: CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0


Requires EE 3+ and is especially useful in combination with Low Search. The EE2 compatible version is available here.


  • Download and unzip;
  • Copy the low_list folder to your system/user/addons directory;
  • In your Control Panel, go to the Add-on Manager and install Low List;
  • All set!


Each tag

Use the Each tag to loop through a list to character-separated items.


  • items=: the items you want to loop through, separated by the character given in the sep parameter. Use a colon : to separate keys and values.
  • as=: variables to use in the template. Defaults to key:val.
  • sep=: character that separates each item. Defaults to |.
  • range=: set to yes to treat the items as the start and end values of a range.


{exp:low_list:each items="north|east|south|west" as="direction"}
    You can go {direction}.

Using key/value pairs and custom variable names:

{exp:low_list:each items="asc:Ascending|desc:Descending" as="value:label"}
    <input type="radio" name="sort" value="{value}">

Using key/value pairs and a custom separator:

<select name="orderby_sort">
    {exp:low_list:each items=":Relevance;date|asc:Publish date;title|asc:Title" sep=";"}
        <option value="{key}">{val}</option>

Using the items parameter to define a numerical range:

{exp:low_list:each items="99|0" range="yes"}
    {val} bottle{if val != 1}s{/if} of beer on the wall.

Has tag

Use the Has tag to see if a given value is present in a given character-separated list. When the value is present, the tagdata is returned. Otherwise, an empty string is returned.


  • value=: the value to search for (needle).
  • items=: the items you want to search through, separated by the character given in the sep parameter (haystack).
  • sep=: character that separates each item. Defaults to |.


{exp:low_list:has value="spork" items="knife|fork|spoon"}
    We have a spork!

Setting a checked or selected attribute:

{exp:channel:categories style="linear"}
    <option value="{category_id}"{exp:low_list:has value="{category_id}" items="1|2|3"} selected{/exp:low_list:has}>

Has Not tag

Use the Has Not tag to see if a given value is not present in a given charachter-separated list. Works identically to the Has tag:

{exp:low_list:has_not value="spork" items="knife|fork|spoon"}
    We don't have a spork!

Mad Props

Thanks to Loopee for the inspiration.