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Low Events

Just $49.00 per license

Compatibility: EE2, EE3, EE4, EE5
Latest release: 2.1.0 (released 2017-12-05)
Licensing: Commercial License Agreement

Low Events is an ExpressionEngine add-on that makes creating and displaying events ever so easy. It uses a super user-friendly fieldtype to set the start and end dates, which will be familiar to Google Calendar users. It also keeps things simple by not having repeatable events and their obtuse rules, nor does Low Events bother with confusing timezones, localization or the dreaded DST. An event is an entry, the date & time entered is the date & time displayed. Always. Simple as that.

Apart from the intuitive fieldtype, Low Events has several smart tags that makes creating event listings, archives and calendars a breeze. No more messing around with PHP in your templates, no more head scratching staring at code, just easy events.

Low Events was voted 2012 Fieldtype of the Year.

What the community thinks of Low Events

Anyone who needs events management in EE, I strongly recommend Low Events to take the headache out of the task.

Mike Wenger, Meta Q

Low Events is just so awesome.

AJ Penninga

Simple is good, and it looks like Low Events has simple in spades.

devot:ee, AcademEE Awards

Low Events is a pleasure to use. Does everything I want but remains simple. Wish I had this 2 years ago!

James Buckley, Bright Rocket Design

Low Events couldn't have been easier to implement. It was simple to implement events organized by day, week and month.

Ryan Irelan, Mijingo

Low Events is one of the best EE add-ons I've ever used.

Jonathan Melville