Low Variables | Changelog http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog Low Variables | Changelog Low Variables 3.3.1 3.3.1 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.3.1 1584952860
  • Added allow_reorder default setting for Grid type
  • Fixed a bug where Grid var could return a not allowed null value when saving which could cause a MySQL error
  • Fixed a bug where LV could save empty values when session expires
  • Fixed a bug where removing more than 5 vars in one go would not work
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    Low Variables 3.3.0 3.3.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.3.0 1553069700
  • For Textarea vars, existing snippets, segment vars and config vars will be parsed before the content hits the template
  • For Textarea vars, further enhanced preparse-vars to use a prefix and unset when not present
  • Added preparse_prefix parameter for Textarea vars
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    Low Variables 3.2.0 3.2.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.2.0 1524555960
  • Removed file syncing options; now done natively by EE
  • Fixed a PHP 7.2 compatibility issue
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    Low Variables 3.1.0 3.1.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.1.0 1512432000
  • EE4 compatibility
  • Fixed a bug where hidden vars could lose their value upon save
  • Fixed a bug where syncing to file would not work
  • Enabled drag-drop for mobile interfaces
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    Low Variables 3.0.4 3.0.4 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.0.4 1471564800
  • Fixed a bug with MSM compatibility
  • Fixed some minor display issues with icons
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    Low Variables 3.0.3 3.0.3 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.0.3 1463529600
  • Fixed a bug where groups wouldn't show if no vars were present
  • Fixed a bug where the reorder icon wouldn't appear in EE 3.3+
  • Fixed a bug where a 3rd party field wouldn't show its error msg when saving
  • Allowed for HTML in 3rd party validation error messages
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    Low Variables 3.0.2 3.0.2 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.0.2 1457308800
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a variable would not delete its native counterpart
  • Fixed a bug where var ID was not set for post_save_settings method
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when creating a var if MySQL was operating in Strict mode
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    Low Variables 3.0.1 3.0.1 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.0.1 1456185600
  • PHP7 compatibility
  • Update native global_variables edit date if available
  • Fixed a bug in the CP JavaScript
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    Low Variables 3.0.0 3.0.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v3.0.0 1445472000
  • Added EE3 compatible version
  • Added Date variable type
  • Removed Show All option
  • Much refactor. Very changes. Wow.
  • Removed multiple="" parameter from Parse tags (works automatically now)
  • Devs: Improved fieldtype bridge to use consistent method names and content type
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    Low Variables 2.6.1 2.6.1 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables http://gotolow.com/addons/low-variables/changelog#v2.6.1 1435708800
  • Improved package folder structure to avoid naming conflicts with other add-ons
  • Fixed a bug where a php error could occur when using %s in var name
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