Low Reorder | Changelog http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog Low Reorder | Changelog Low Reorder 3.1.2 3.1.2 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v3.1.2 1557389460
  • Fixed a naming conflict that could trigger a PHP error in the EE3 CP
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong sets could be fetched with multiple sites
  • Fixed a bug where filtering on expired/future entries could not work
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    Low Reorder 3.1.1 3.1.1 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v3.1.1 1518428940
  • Improved the way saving the sort order works when having a lot of entries (1000+) in a set
  • Fixed a bug in EE4 where the search fields list was incomplete
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    Low Reorder 3.1.0 3.1.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v3.1.0 1512432000
  • EE4 compatibility
  • Sorting entries should now work on mobile, too
  • Fixed a bug where non-admins could not create sets
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in MySQL 5.7 and strict mode
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    Low Reorder 3.0.1 3.0.1 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v3.0.1 1498003200
  • Fixed a bug where the edit link could throw a 404
  • Fixed a bug where the show future/expired entries settings would not work
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    Low Reorder 3.0.0 3.0.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v3.0.0 1453161600
  • EE3 compatibility (requires EE3.1+)
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    Low Reorder 2.3.0 2.3.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v2.3.0 1413849600
  • Added option to display and order uncategorized entries
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when using field search filters
  • Fixed a bug where the Entries tag did not respect the site parameter
  • Fixed a bug where non-SuperAdmins couldn’t create sets
  • Fixed a bug where a PHP error occurred with PHP 5.6+
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    Low Reorder 2.2.3 2.2.3 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v2.2.3 1396908000
  • Added the option to override the order of a given set by setting the orderby parameter on the Entries tag
  • Improved saving of orders on entry save which fixes issues with add-ons like Datagrab
  • Improved EE2.8+ compatibility
  • Really fixed a bug where next_entry would be off sometimes
  • Fixed another bug when upgrading from EE1
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    Low Reorder 2.2.2 2.2.2 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v2.2.2 1385334000
  • Fixed a bug where next_entry would be off sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in the extension settings if no member groups were created
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    Low Reorder 2.2.1 2.2.1 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v2.2.1 1373925600
  • Added the ability to order Playa relationships by a Low Reorder Set (requires Playa 4.4.4+)
  • Fixed a bug where the Show Expired filter wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug where exact Search filters weren't working
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    Low Reorder 2.2.0 2.2.0 http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder http://gotolow.com/addons/low-reorder/changelog#v2.2.0 1373493600
  • Added option to show sticky entries only in a Set
  • Added the ability to order Low Search results by a Low Reorder Set
  • Removed some more calls to deprecated methods
  • Fixed a bug when upgrading from EE1
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